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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Whoopi –ding-shit, 'Welcome to Jupiter!' NASA's Juno Space Probe Arrives at Giant Planet—Well at Least the Giant Ball of Hot Gas.

Whoopi –ding-shit, 'Welcome to Jupiter!' NASA's Juno Space Probe Arrives at Giant Planet—Well at Least the Giant Ball of Hot Gas.
Juno spacecraft has successfully started orbiting Jupiter.

It was launched five years ago to study the planet's composition.
Juno is a spinning, robotic probe as wide as a basketball court.
As a “safety” concern; in order to prevent any possible bacteria or micro-particles capable of sustaining life from reaching any of Jupiter’s moons; the probe will eventually be crashed into Jupiter’s atmosphere and burn???. How come NASA did not have the same concern about previous probes sent to the moon, mars, comets and asteroids???
The largest planet in our solar system,

Jupiter is a huge ball of gas 11 times wider than Earth and 300 times more massive than our planet.
Researchers think it was the first planet to form and that it holds clues to how the solar system evolved.
Spacecraft have been to Jupiter before. But scientists still are puzzled by the gas giant.
What's going on under Jupiter's dense clouds? Does it have a solid core? How much water is in its atmosphere? And how deep are those colorful bands and that mysterious giant red spot?
Juno is the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter since Galileo. Galileo was deliberately crashed into Jupiter on September 21, 2003, to protect one of its discoveries -- a possible ocean beneath Jupiter's moon Europa.
Now, to get to the real purpose of this article; the Juno mission will cost NASA $1.1billion. As I write this article, the federal government has accumulated $18.2 trillion of debt.
In our SPACED OUT WESTERN SOCIETY, government deficits (both Canada and the United States of North America) are common: in the last half century, both federal governments have run a deficit in 45 out of 50 years. If the United States of North America government runs a deficit, the Treasury borrows money to make up the difference between how much money is being spent and how much money is coming in – thus CREATING FEDERAL DEBT-the same is true in Canada.
Did you know that one out of every nine children in Canada and in The United States of North America is going to bed hungry? 1 in 7 (or 4.9 million) people in Canada live in poverty.
ü In Edmonton, 1 in 8 individuals are currently living in poverty.
ü Poverty costs Canada as a whole between $72 billion and $84 billion annually; Ontarians pay $2,299 – $2,895 per year, while British Columbians pay over $2,100 per year.
ü Precarious employment has increased by nearly 50% over the past two decades.
ü Between 1980 and 2005 the average earnings among the least wealthy Canadians fell by 20%.
ü Over the past 25 years, Canada’s population has increased by 30% and yet annual national investment in housing has decreased by 46%.
Marginalized Groups (the Members of society that are especially vulnerable to poverty, including persons living with disabilities, single mothers, Aboriginals, elderly individuals, and radicalized communities are twice as likely to live below the poverty line.
Nearly 15% of people with disabilities live in poverty, 59% of which are women.
Estimates place the number of homeless individuals living with a disability or mental illness as high as 45% of the overall homeless population.
Children with disabilities are twice as likely to live in households relying on social assistance.

Our, what we laughingly call our governments cannot even come close to administrating/managing the matters on Earth. We therefore have absolutely no business in Nature’s outer realms, no RIGHT to fuck up the rest of NATURE’S CREATION.~~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D Girvan.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

In May of 1919 the “Allied Forces” may well have obtained (or COMPOSED) a copy of Rules for Revolution, from somewhere or other; but, they sure as hell were and are not communist/socialist rules.

 Have you actually read them?
A.   Corrupt the young, get them away from RELIGION, get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness.
B.    Get control of all means of publicity thereby:
1.      Get the people’s minds off THEIR government; by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays, [three ring circus/theatrical hi-jinks], and other trivialities.

2.    Divide the people- into HOSTILE [REGIONAL/PROVINCIAL/STATE] groups, by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.
3.    Destroy the people’s faith in their “NATURAL” leaders, by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.
4.    Always preach true democracy; but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
5.     By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credibility, PRODUCE FEAR OF INFLATION???(a worthless dollar), with rising prices, and general discontent.
6.    Fomat unnecessary strikes (upcoming Canada Post Strike)in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster lenient and soft attitudes on the part of government toward such disorders.
7.     By specious argument, cause the breakdown of old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, confidence, FAITH IN THE PLEDGED WORD, ruggedness.

Have you taken a close look at what is actually happening in OUR WORLD? Have you paid attention to or even bothered to access Global/International World Affairs; not just United States of North America’s dictated, ruthlessly controlled, totally OWNED AND SCRIPTED news headlines.~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D. Girvan.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Prepare to Become Very, Very Depressed With The Experience Of Camping and RVing in Alberta, British Columbia or Most Anywhere else in Canada. Capitalism has Once Again Been Allowed to Rear its Ugly Head.

Reserving a campsite in a B.C. park has gotten so competitive; it’s resulted in campers scalping their unused reservations for up to 10 times their value.
Bottom line, no Canadian, no human life form capable of rational thought, can, or could possibly; still believe that what has become known as "Camping" remains a sensible, feasible, even affordable holiday/vacation option. Operating costs of a (even the smallest sizes) solely/dedicated Recreation Vehicle Site costs--figure it all out for yourself. 
The BC Parks camp reservation system was overloaded with campers hoping to snag their little slice of outdoor paradise when reservations for the summer opened in March. Despite new fee increases, the website had three times the traffic volume as it did in 2015.
BC boasts a huge variety of camping facilities: seven national parks, approximately 900 provincial parks and protected areas, more than 1,200 recreation sites, most of which are rapidly becoming ( presumably legally or blatantly illegally, but still with  political government consent) privatised campgrounds and RV parks. Many campsites are accessible by car or RV (recreational vehicle); others provide a “Rustic”-- reserved solely for the specially entitled capitalist elite-- wilderness experience.
Reality: “Hot” ==money op-- demand has spurred creative ways to guarantee the elusive camp reservation. Savvy??? Campers???will book a big block of time ahead of a long weekend without the intention of using the site for the entire period.
·         They then scalp their remaining days at up to 10 times what they bought them for, to any camper who rolls through without a reservation.
·         In the summer at some of the busiest sites, it’s a marvel. You’ve got this line up of campers and boats and trailers, people just moving their whole family out to spend a weekend in a British Columbia park, and they’re getting turned around. The nearest site that might have availability might be an hour drive away, so they’re willing to pay the premium.
With the scalped camping passes, people are spending $100, $200, $300 a night for any site Not at legitimate, entrepreneur owned and duly licensed, business for profit; sites; but at publicly owned, by Canadian citizen/taxpayers park reserves.
As of the beginning of last month, June, there were many, many, personally funded/privately, entrepreneur owned, non-franchise, luxury resorts renting two bedroom fully furnished and equipped ( including cooking utensils, dishes, linen for $200.00 a night; some for much less.
Although they would never pay that in advance don’t worry, government politicians are very much aware and are capitalising), but when you have everyone there and you have no other options, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
In the summer at some of the busiest sites, it’s a marvel. You’ve got this line up of campers and boats and trailers, people just moving their whole family out to spend a weekend in a British Columbian park, and they’re getting turned around. The nearest site that might have availability might be an hour drive away, so they’re willing to pay the premium
·         British Columbia’s Discover Camping reservation system shuts out hopeful campers; Website ' just not available' too many hoping to reserve a British Columbia Parks camping spot.
Important News and Updates:
·         June 16, 2016Hwy 97 is closed between Mackenzie Junction and Chetwynd.
·         May 19, 2016 South Okanagan Consultation Summary Report Released
·         May 11, 2016 New for 2016: Garibaldi Park accepting reservations
·         April 26, 2016 Date change for Berg Lake Trail and Bowron Lake Canoe circuit reservations
·         March 24, 2016 Minister Polak introduces amendments to the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act
Reminder: February 12, 2016 New Recreation User Fee Schedule. Frontcountry Reservations open March 15th at 7am. At $35 per night (plus additional charge for anything and everything else you may want, or require, to help ensure ANY enjoyment in being there), Goldstream Provincial Park near Victoria is among the most expensive camping spots.
·         Fees at about half of the parks have gone up by a couple of dollars again this year, following increases of up to $5 dollars per night at some parks last year. The cost of some group campsites in 2016 will also hit $120, compared with $100 last year.

The History Behind Canada's National, Provincial, Rural, and Urban Parks.
January 20, 2011: Last year marked the 125th anniversary of Banff,
Canada’s first national park, and 2011 happens to be the centennial of Canada’s National Park service. These anniversaries have occasioned some celebrations; however, we ought not to forget to take a critical look at parks too.
To start, we might ask ourselves why; why, these anniversaries are taking place now: why was 2010 the 125th anniversary of our first national park; and not, say, the anniversary?  Why is it the 100th anniversary of the national parks service and not the 200th?  These questions may seem silly, but the answers to them probably are not what you would expect. Contrary to popular belief, the reason parks to preserve wilderness started to be established in Canada (and elsewhere) toward the end of the 19th century was not because humans suddenly wised up to the importance of preserving nature or some new found romanticism. Human perspectives toward wilderness and nature have always been as varied throughout recorded history as they are today.
At any period, there have been those who have looked to nature and wildlife with awe and reverence, and sought to leave sites of natural beauty untouched. Take for example some of Civilization’s oldest literature, the Homeric hymns of Ancient Greece:
    “firs or towering oaks grow upon the fruitful earth
    beautiful, flourishing on the lofty mountains.
    They stand high, and people call them
    sacred groves of the immortals,
    And Mortals Do Not Cut Them Down At All With An Axe.”
On The Other Hand, There Have Always Been Those Who Seem Immune To Nature’s Charms, and display no interest in preserving wild landscapes. Keeping Our 2,700-Year-Old Poem In Mind, Our Urge To Preserve Nature Is As Old As Civilization. But this brings us back to our question: if the desire to preserve wilderness and nature is an ancient one, why is Canada’s first national park barely more than a century old (just to clear things up, it’s not because of the timing of Confederation, since we inherited many institutions from colonial authorities, such as universities that predate 1867.)?
Rather, the short answer is; that it was only at that time that the wilderness started to rapidly disappear, due to grossly excessive over population—human over population; of most all truly inhabitable arable, regions of Nature’s world. For tens of thousands of years, human beings were spread quite sparsely over the earth, never numbering much more than a few hundred million. That all changed with the Industrial Revolution. The human bean population suddenly started to multiply at an unprecedented rate, hitting one billion, by the start of the nineteenth century. Though it took over 100,000 years for humans to reach our first billion, it required only another hundred years for the human population to double to TWO BILLION. By that point in the late nineteenth century, the phenomenal growth by humans had devoured a lot of what had been wild land and pushed other species to extinction.

Rather, the short answer is that it was only at that time that the wilderness started to rapidly disappear. For tens of thousands of years, human beings were spread quite sparsely over the earth, never numbering much more than a few hundred million. That all changed with the Industrial Revolution. The human population suddenly started to multiply at an unprecedented rate, hitting one billion by the start of the nineteenth century. Though it took over 100,000 years for humans to reach our first billion, it required only another hundred years for the human population to double to two billion. By that point in the late nineteenth century, the phenomenal growth by humans had devoured a lot of what had been wild land and pushed other species to extinction.~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D Girvan.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

I’m Ecstatic, Though it may Well Already be too Late, Some, at Least the Peoples of Great Britain, are Finally Waking up.

With a flash of blinding light—well at least it was a WIN; in the referendum vote; some, of the world’s population are realising Democratic Government” (control management)”of the people “by bought and paid for political flunkies of the capitalist Elite amounts to nothing more than an attempt at world dictatorship.
Since 1958, the European Union has been absorbing independent states across the continent. Starting with the original inner 6 countries (Belgium, France,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, and West Germany) and ending with Croatia in 2013, the forced centralization of Europe was a massive and ominous force with which to be reckoned.
Until now.
On Friday, the people of Great Britain made their voice heard. They no longer want to be a part of the European Union, globalisation/dictatorship, and for good reason. The same reason we must all remember, and “think” about or at least try to do so.
For decades they have sat back and watched the global, capitalist, elite, enrich themselves through special trade agreements ostensibly designed to bolster the economy, but in reality grant special treatment to those close to the top.
George Soros exposed the dependence of the elite on the EU when he took to fear mongering about rampant financial collapse upon Brexit.
“The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer — be warned,” Soros penned in an op-ed for the Guardian on June 20. “My 60 years of experience tells me the pound will plummet, along with your living standards. The only winners will be the speculators …
“A vote to leave could see the week end with a Black Friday and serious consequences for ordinary people.”
However, in reality, the people’s suffering is most likely to be minimal. It is the banking elite who are running scared (though they too will make profit, by buying low and later loaning or selling high..
Other countries are watching; this could, and might, be, the beginning of the end of the European Union.
On Friday, Britain’s biggest banks faced double-digit losses on the stock markets, with shares plunging. Barclays dropped by 23.08% to $8.60, HSBC shares dropped 7.35% to $31.25, Royal Bank of Scotland sunk a whopping 19.63% to $6.02.
In the United States of North America, JPMorgan Chase shares were down 6.26% to $60.04. Bank of America shares fell 6.34% to $13.15, Citigroup shares dropped 8.3% to $40.77, and Wells Fargo dived 4.7% at $45.66.
The big investment banks were also hit hard with Goldman Sachs shares down 5.26%, and Morgan Stanley shares dropping 8.57% to $24.94.
The global banking industry is entirely dependent on centralization of power to keep their balance sheets in order as their model requires a controlled economy. However, as Brexit has already shown, this model is not in the interests of the people. As nations continue to declare their independence, the cartel will crumble.
June 23rd will be long celebrated as the day that the British people finally filed their papers to divorce a global bureaucracy that buried national sovereignty in bureaucratic red tape. After constant failures that left many Brits without jobs and living in a nation being colonized by migrants with no attachment to British culture, enough was enough.
After almost three decades of dictatorial rule, globalism was witnessing a Judgment Day and Brexit represents a nationalistic movement that has laid in wait for two decades; a movement that is jumping the pond to the United States and unfortunately finding a home with that prime goofball buffoon, charlatan Donald Trump’s “America First” campaign.
But how did globalism get here? How was the vision of the international bourgeois rebuked and rejected in such a short order?
Much to the chagrin of the “Remain” crowd, the answer is not rooted in boorish patriotism. Rather, it is rooted in an understanding that global governing at the expense of national sovereignty never works. People will not die for bureaucracies, but they will die, sacrifice and share for their country. The Sun  can and will never set on the British  Empire, as long as that empire remains in the heart of the people, and not in the head, or back pocket of some scumbag Capitalist, or, complete with BIMBOS, bells, paper hats, and whistles, some potentially dangerous, idiot,buffoon belonging to some Political Party and running for HEAD DICTATOR-of the global world..  ~~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D. Girvan.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Why the AR-15 is North America's Most Popular Rifle.

I would far rather see a young person/child with a BB gun, any form of "air gun" even a Cooey than the thing pictured above; at least they would have the OPPORTUNITY of learning responsibility (guns are not toys and should never be thought of as such). Cooey manufactured single shot shotguns. Pre-1961 Cooey mfg. models include: .22 rimfire smoothbore( gun, not a rifle=the barrel being smooth NOT RIFLED) 37A, 410, 84, Canuck 25, and Canuck 410. Post-1961 Cooey firearms made by Winchester.

There are many misconceptions to the AR-15.
Two of the most notable are: AR stands for “Assault-Rifle” and they are the same as fully-automatic military firearms. I’m going to debunk these misconceptions, and I’m going to show you why AR-15s are presently, including Canada, North America’s Most Popular Rifles.
1.       So, SO, SOOOO many accessories.

2.      Many irrational fanatics, would be macho heroes, mentally unstable psychopaths, and those who actually believe (despite all existing, and continually growing, evidence proving the contrary) still believe that guns offer “personal protection—“Guns are Simply a Tool”, REMEMBER?)
3.      The AR in AR-15 actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the company which designed and developed the first AR. In 1959, ArmaLite sold the rights to Colt, which continued to carry on the “AR” name. Colt modified the rifle, most notably by relocating the charging handle from under the carrying handle to the rear of the receiver. This redesigned rifle was marketed and adopted by the United States military as the fully automatic M16 rifle. Finding success in all of the ways the platform could be used, Colt developed a semi-automatic civilian version, better known as the AR-15. While the AR-15 and M16 are nearly identical in external appearance, they are internally different. The hammer and trigger mechanisms are designed differently, and the bolt carrier and internal lower receiver of the semi-automatic versions are milled differently, so that the firing mechanisms are not interchangeable. The AR-15 can only switch between safe and fire functions.
4.      Contrary to many claims, it still holds true, the shorter the barrel on ANY fire arm the less the accuracy.

There is a vast difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. In order to fire a semi-automatic firearm, you must pull and release the trigger after each shot. You cannot hold the trigger for rapid fire. Semi-automatic firearms are functionally no different on any platform, whether it be a pistol, rifle or shotgun. Manufacturing of automatic firearms for the general public has been tightly regulated for 80 years and fully-automatic firearms have not been manufactured for the general public at all since the Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act became law in 1986.
I grew up with rifles and guns; it has been claimed that I cut my teeth on a rifle barrel. With most NON MILITARY fire arms I’ve been a champion calibre shot since I was a boy.
My father and grandfather ran military rifle ranges; yet, growing up I can't recall ever seeing people owning assault or REPLICA rifles/GUNS. I cannot fathom why we need assault rifles in our nation CANADA. Yes, although I did not NEED THEM, I've owned semi-automatics. Can anyone really say they NEED an AR 15, or replica thereof, to go hunting???
 I've SEEN plenty of deer shot. I don't ever recall seeing a hunter assaulting a buck with 20
rounds and if I had I probably would have asked him or her how big of a jackass do they know that they are. Ladies and gents, can we all just agree that gun laws need to be sensible?
If a person were to have tried to engage in a killing spree with any of the three guns above there is no way 49 people would have been killed.
The AR -15 ASSAULT RIFLE, along with a 30 40 or 50 round magazine can and is designed to kill people in mass—NOTHING ELSE. These assault rifles must be banned in this country. If, you choose to follow that “Good |Shepherd hailing from the United States of the Americas; Can we not at least agree that one doesn't need an assault rifle to hunt or protect one’s home.

If you must follow that shepherd; and want a good gun for home protection get a semi-auto shotgun. ~~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D. Girvan.