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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial crown corporation in British Columbia created in 1973 Crown corporations are peculiar hybrid entities — somewhere between a government body and a private enterprise. They are wholly owned by the taxpaying citizens of Canada but operate at arm's length from government.
Crown corporations are created to advance certain policy objectives and in this sense are "instruments of public policy," in the words of a Treasury Board report on the subject. But some of them also have to operate in a business capacity, meaning they have commercial interests and competitive pressures to contend with that can, at times, conflict with their policy mandate.
Are they government TAXPAYER owned and funded?
The degree of financial support and government control of Crown corporations varies. Some are fully funded by government appropriations OF TAXPAYER PROVIDED MONIES; others are financially self-sufficient or profit-making corporations that pay dividends, which the Canadian taxpayer, as the sole shareholder, should legally be collecting and reaping the benefit from. Crown corporations, such as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and TransLink are generally created to fill a need the government feels is not being met by the private sector, which is either unable or unwilling to provide certain services the government deems necessary or in the national interest.
"When contacted, this time by a male ICBC claims assessor, I was given absolutely no indication that he had even seen my stolen vehicle until some period after I insisted that he go and do so. He stated that there are tents axe, fishing rod, and some cooking equipment in the vehicle. Still have not been able to compile nor have received a complete list. Agent claimed there is no APPARENT new damage to vehicle. No indication that any mechanical testing has as yet been done. Have not signed off or so far agreed to anything whatsoever. Therefore I trust that you will carry through with promise regarding report to New Westminster police dept.
I like to be kissed before I'm fucked. So far, this isn’t even a one-night stand, its attempted mass rape.
For me to be saying so might sound outrageous; HOWEVER this time, I agree with the United States of North America; why pay for an insurance company for auto/property PROTECTION???Just buy and carry a Beretta or Glock 9 mm or 40 calibre handgun; then shoot to kill, don’t talk,SHOOT. aim for the forehead, right between the eyes. Much cheaper, efficient, and offers personal satisfaction, an absolute guarantee that there will not be a repeat occurrence, and even works on insurance company claims assessors. When I told this to this second SO CLAIMED claims assessor, he promptly hung up the phone.
Thanking you, again for your cooperation, assistance, and for doing what I have been paying ICBC insurance premiums (for years) for them to do.
Sincerely; Al Girvan"
Hey, I was the victim, not the perpetrator, of the criminal actions committed; yet; ICBC wants to penalise ME, expects ME to pay for replacement of keys, drivers licence, medical card and other incurred expenses resulting from both car and personal property theft.~~~Al (Alex-Alexander) D Girvan.